The Recent Amendment to the Philippine Nationalization of Retail Trade Law

Cite as: 21 Ateneo L. J. 24 (1976)
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The Recent Amendment to the Philippine Nationalization of Retail Trade Law

Adolfo S. Azcuna

21 Ateneo L. J. 24 (1976)

Subject(s):        Commercial Law

Keyword(s):     Retail Trade Nationalization

The Article discusses the changes resulting from the amendment of Republic Act (R.A.) No. 1180, otherwise known as the Retail Trade Nationalization Law, in the form of Presidential Decree No. 714 issued on 28 May 1975. With the introduction of the amendments, issues as to the pending cases in the Supreme Court resulted to the need to clarify the term “retail” and the coverage of Americans and American-owned enterprises. The Article mentioned the principal issues resulting from these changes regarding the “inclusion of the sale of merchandise, commodities or goods to industrial or commercial users as distinguished from sale of such goods to personal or household users” and if American-owned enterprises were included under the exemptions of the R.A. No. 1180. The Author presented arguments in support of his findings, also including certain pros and cons to the views he presents.




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