The New Adoption Law

Cite as: 21 Ateneo L. J. 40 (1976)
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The New Adoption Law

Richard N. Ferrer

21 Ateneo L. J. 40 (1976)

Subject(s):        Civil Law, Family Code, Special Laws

Keyword(s):     Child and Youth Welfare Code

The Article discusses the changes in the Adoption law brought about by its repealed provisions, Articles 338 to 348. In lieu of these provisions, Section B of Presidential Decree (P.D.) 603, the Child and Youth Welfare Code, were introduced. The Author divided the changes in the law into two categories: the amendatory provisions which tackle matters of qualifications and disqualifications of the adopter and the effects of adoption, and the other on the new provisions which were not included in the Civil Code. From this division, the Author provides a discussion on the possible effects which may result from the amendments, and notes that the P.D. 603 aids in addressing the problems of illegitimate births, orphans, and vagrancy.




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